I’m Havin’ A Munch

11 Oct

some cows

on some juicy cows. It’s so good, I’d chew on it for hours, spit it out, put it in the fridge and later on when nothing goods goin’ get it out and chew on it again. Wait up…


Back. Yeah that shit was good. Bite of heaven. Know what else is a bite of heaven?…Odd Future.

A crew of rappers lead by Tyler the Creator(above) from LA, California rapping bout’ generally fucked up shit. The beats they runnin’ are the maddest you’ll hear in quite a while (especially Hodgy and Left Brain’s YellowWhite collaboration). Its been heavily rotated on my pod- just like some munched on cow in the fridge- for the past few months and thats saying shit. So why don’t you stop getting off to those magazines you hide  under your bed and get off to these tunes at Odd Future.

You know what else tastes like a bite of heaven?…My ass.

N.B: If you want to, feel free to share posts or works on facebook/tumblr. Just give me some cred you know

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